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Maruni Laminated Safety Glass

Maruni Laminated Safety Glass is a safety glass that does not break as ordinary glass does. It absorbs all impacts and remains intact even after breaking. The interlayered PVB adheres the fragments of glass with itself therefore minimizes the risk of injury. Laminated glass also acts as security glass because it works as a guard of the building even after the glass itself is broken. It is highly unlikely to cut the glass from one side, thus ordinary glass-cutters are useless as break in tools. Laminated glass is also one of the best in sound-proofing.

Glass Range

Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low-E, Solar Control Glass


Laminated Glass stays intact at the original frame even after the glass breaks from external force. It protects the people inside & outside of the building from being injured by the splash of glass fragments


Although the glass breaks, it still remains in place not fall entirely to the ground


Laminated glass can block 99% of ultraviolet therefore it protectsvaluable artwork, carpets, and furniture from discoloration whichis usually caused by ultraviolet radiation

Noise Reduction

PVB film has barrier and absorption effect on sound wave,thereby reducing the noise.