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Visit us at IndoBuildTech 2019

IndoBuildTech Expo 2019 introduces a new architecture trend, namely “Establishing Architecture 4.0”. By having this new theme, Indobuildtech Expo 2019 invite all industry stakeholders to prepare for upcoming technologies and advancement in architecture, design interior and building material. It is the high-time for businesses to consider for adopting a new wave of modern technologies, cutting-edge materials, and workforce enhancement.

Rise of Industry 4.0

Building, Architecture and Interior Industry is on the cusp of another modern age. The fourth modern revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0’, will see the development coming in accordance with all the more digitally created enterprises and projects. This will change not just the paradigm on how physical structures are outlined, constructed and kept up, yet additionally how they are therefore utilized 

What it implies as a general rule is available for interpretation along with the future capacities and capabilities. Some envision it will mean the utilization of next generation materials and innovations to create smarter buildings. Others imagine that it will come to mean of automated machine of creation, with negligible human information. Be that as it may, what is ordinarily concurred is that it speaks to the utilization of innovation to in a general sense enhance the way we outline and develop our general surroundings.

Maruni Glass Launching Event

Saturday, 23 March 2019  (4-6pm)

Maruni Glass is ​organising an invite-only event to launch our latest corporate song and video profile. We will take this very special occasion to introduce our partner Diamon-Fusion International (Southeast Asia) with their latest "Easy to Clean Glass Coating" Non-Stick glass. 

Invited guests will be entertained with the live piano performance and our exclusive free coffee from Ombe Kofie (must present the invitation).